Interior Design vs Home Decorating: What’s The Difference?

Real estate agents will often refer to home decorators and interior designers as if they are the same thing, but it’s important as a smart and educated home owner you know the difference before you invest major cash. Whether you’re putting your home on the market or you’re just keen to have a brand new look and feel to your small apartment, the best place to begin will be online interior design and home decor blogs.  But the basic tenants you’ll have to understand regarding home decor versus interior design are as follows.


Interior design is generally an area with a wider scope, and can include not only aesthetic elements, but also the overall planning and construction of any additional rooms or structures. For example, if you needed to have your kitchen re-designed, a home decorator would assist you with choosing surface materials, light fixtures and match this all together with something tasteful that fits the ‘look and feel’ you’re aiming for. Flooring and specific decorations is also something a professional Ottawa home decorator can assist and guide you with. has been getting a lot of good feedback lately – view their portfolio and customer feedback

On the other hand, a certified interior designer has a very strict and systematic procedure for determining the outline and plan for your proposed space. They will of course take what you’re looking for into consideration, but there is generally more thought put into any construction or structural changes that may need to happen. For example, if you hire an interior designer they will consult with you about any changes that may require a contractor and can even make recommendations locally.

One distinction that can be made is that interior designers require professional certification throughout Ottawa and Ontario. Diploma programs are usually around 2 years in length and are quite competitive to get into. On the other hand, home decorators usually work off their own previous referrals and you can easily find local portfolios and decide on one that fits your budget.

Eco-Friendly Home Decor Options You Can Implement Today

One of the latest trends you’ll encounter in most interior design magazines and blog is a focus on natural textures, products and accesories. The use of less harsh chemicals and other responsibly sourced materials is important to many Ottawa homeowners, especially those that want an improvement in air quality. This post will go over some of the basic changes you can make to your home to make it more eco-friendly while staying within budget.

One of the most upfront and easiest ways to keep harsh chemicals out of your environment is to invest in low-VOC paint. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds and the less that exist in each gallon of paint you use, the less toxins will exist in the air in the coming months. While the cost specifically for low-VOC paints can be noticeably higher, many residents consider it worth the price – especially considering you should only be painting once every few years at the most! You can also ask your interior designer if they have any tips on finding a reasonably priced low-VOC paint.

Your designer may also be able to shed light on furnishing your home with higher quality pieces that aren’t made with synthetic fibres. While not neccesarily an immediate issue, the chemicals used in the construction of certain couches and loveseats have been linked with skin irritation, fertility issues and other long term health concerns. Of course do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

Finally, abundant vegetation is one of the most cost effective and efficient ways you can improve the look and air quality of your space. Plants naturally clean the air and are a perfect natural alternative to harsh air fresheners which just cover up odours and have sketchy chemicals associated with them.

Of course there are tons of cool ideas you can implement to get the most natural, eco-friendly interior possible. Contacting qualified Ottawa interior designers is also something we highly recommend. Even a one time consultation fee can be enough to give your creative juices the spur they need to get going.

Interior Design Changes You Should Know About

A few of the best philosophers have frequently believed that artwork and imaginative style represents what is going on in the society of the day. In the past year, issues have altered in the world of interior decoration and design, especially for those in the Ottawa area.

This article looks at how the primary social trends of 2013 influenced the way we enhance our home and office spaces.

As it seems the average guy or girl has acquired a fascination with the way their space is made, experienced and designed. Alot of thought should be put into which colors, textures and tones work best within your space. Keep in mind, there is no overall ‘right’ colour, but there will be some that work better than others depending on other design elements that already exist. Another type of wall paint you might want to look into is big bold stripes on an accent wall. Big and daring lines of multiple powerful colors complimented the communal areas in most contemporary homes. Just how this impact was achieved changed from single items of large graphics or picking a striped furniture, appropriate through to making a stripey and unique accent walls.

 Choosing A Professional Interior Designer Has Changed Quite A Bit

Social media has taken off in a huge way, with Twitter, Facebook and Pintrest to name but a few. With this access, we can make better decisions on your DIY design projects, or even if you decide to hire a local Ottawa designer for your bigger projects. With sites like becoming so popular, you can get a pretty good idea of their type of design and past projects before you even touch base. This is a great idea, and makes the entire background research part of hiring your own designer much easier.
When looking at professional designers, it’s important you find one that puts in time to understand exactly what your vision is. People can be very diverse, and a good designer will realize this. Make your budget and work expectations very clear from the start and see how they react. For example, some people embrace the low budget / minimalist attitude, while others have big budgets and want to put them to work. At the same time, you might not be open to using a designers network of contractors, so keep that in mind as well.